Apr 22
Advancing Agriculture
Advancing Agriculture
LTIMindtree makes strides for agriculture on the business and CSR fronts
LTIMindtree (LTIM) and Farmers Edge have launched the Farmers Edge Innovation Lab (FEIL) in Mumbai to empower Indian farmers and help shape a sustainable agriculture sector. Farmers Edge is a global leader in
digital agriculture headquartered in Canada.
Powered by Fairfax Digital Services, FEIL will redefine agriculture in India. By integrating cutting-edge AgTech with global digital solutions expertise, FEIL will lay the foundation for scaling Generative AI projects.
The lab’s mission is to educate and empower India’s farmers, providing tailored solutions that enhance yields, reduce costs, and ensure a prosperous and sustainable future for Indian agriculture. The lab will focus on key aspects crucial to the Indian market such as:
•Weather: Analysing weather patterns and their impact on crop production.
•Soil: Ensuring a comprehensive understanding for maximising yields while improving soil health.
•Crop Cycles: Assisting farmers in optimising field processes to add significant value to the agricultural value chain.
Farmers Edge brings advanced capabilities in remote sensing and agronomic modelling, empowering farmers and enterprise clients with unparalleled insights. Its partnership with LTIM is poised to create a nexus of expertise and knowledge exchange between North America and India. LTIM’s advanced technologies – including GenAI, IoT, automation and drones – will work towards providing high crop yields at low input costs.


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