Apr 19
Cloud Canvas
Cloud Canvas
Giving digital transformation a fillip, LTIMindtree rolls out a hybrid cloud management platform
LTIMindtree (LTIM) has launched its SaaS based hybrid cloud management platform Canvas CloudXperienz. LTIM has developed this with contributions from ScienceLogic, ServiceNow, and Delinea.
Powered by AI for IT Operations (AIOP), the platform will help enterprises explore digital transformation initiatives across their cloud management spectrum and redefine the ways to manage and optimise hybrid cloud infrastructure and applications.
CloudXperienz will provide a 360-degree observability of a business and its IT environment, helping in the measurement of performance trends, peak and off-peak requirements, benchmark applications, infrastructure, and cloud resources. This will result in an increased efficiency with 40- 70% automation of services and freeing up employees for strategic tasks.
An ISO 27001 certified platform, CloudXperienz has a holistic business centric approach to manage traditional on-premises infrastructure and applications, as well as the cloud-based workloads and applications. It aims to increase productivity by up to 75% and enable a plug- and-play option to the existing tools with select modules for greater flexibility.
The platform also provides simplified and enriched user experience, enables quicker cloud adoption, generates actionable insights, and provides complete visibility and control of the cloud costs by finding significant resource optimisation opportunities.
Financial Operations (FinOps) is an integral feature of CloudXperienz. By integrating with LTIM Infinity, it brings in seamless correlation of cloud performance and contracts data to optimise cloud spending and drive business value.The FinOps solution is designed to provide cost visibility analysis, spend analytics, resource allocation and optimisation recommendations and chargeback recommendations.
Banking on Integration
LTIMindtree has integrated its subsidiaries Syncordis and Nielsen+Partner to form a specialised Banking Transformation Practice (BTP), uniquely positioned to deliver end- to-end consulting, digital and IT services, leveraging commercial off-the-shelf products  and platforms serving banks and capital market firms.
LTIM had acquired Syncordis in 2017 and Nielsen+Partner in 2019. Through this integration, it aims to combine their complementary capabilities in delivering industry-leading growth. The combo will serve global clients, empower strategic partnerships, and deliver productised services.
BTP will offer customers enhanced product/ platform capabilities, a diverse set of end-to- end, core-to-consumer offerings augmented by deeper industry partnerships and a highly skilled talent pool.


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