Feb 07
Training for Transformation
Training for Transformation
L&T hosts grooming programme for future L&T leaders
L&T has a 7-step leadership development process in place for grooming its future leadership. ‘Transforming L&T into a Global Corporation’ (TLTGC) programme, conducted in collaboration with INSEAD Singapore, is the 4th step in the process.
Initiated in 2010, TLTGC aims to challenge the mindsets of senior business leaders heading large/mega projects, helping them develop competencies required for a global corporation.
Between November 26 and December 2, 2023, L&T’s Corporate HR hosted the 12th batch of TLTGC programme at the Company’s Leadership Development Academy (LDA) at Lonavala. Thirty-five senior leaders from across L&T constituted this batch.
Inaugurating this new batch, Mr D K Sen (L&T Executive Committee Member and Advisor to the CMD) threw light on the challenges and changes in the business landscape that he witnessed during his peak career. He shared tips on how upcoming L&T leaders can prepare for the future.
Senior faculty from INSEAD Singapore, including Prof Bala Vissa (Entrepreneurship & Leadership), Prof Pushan Dutt (Macro Economics), Prof Peter Joos (Sustainability) and Prof Guoli Chen (Strategy) subsequently conducted the classroom sessions through the week.
The INSEAD faculty provided deep insights into the broad business skills vital for success in leadership roles. Apart from covering strategic themes such as rapid transformation of the world economy and its impact on L&T, the programme also enlightened the participants on the evolving landscape of ESG and its ramifications, how to create and capture value through strategic approaches like Mergers and Acquisitions, and how to build social capital for driving innovation and change.
The participants were also taught that effective business leadership is less about doing things and more about leading others by developing broader business skills, letting go of functional skills that have served them in their past roles.
Guest speaker Mr Anup Sahay (Head – Corporate Strategy & Special Initiatives, L&T) shared deep insights into the Company’s business strategy and sustainability efforts.
On the final day of the programme, INSEAD conferred a completion certificate on the participants.


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