Oct 14
Quantum Leap
Quantum Leap
Quantum technology is an emerging field of physics and engineering, encompassing technologies that rely on the properties of Quantum mechanics.
It holds the potentials to build strong risk management protocols for banks, long-lasting vehicle battery solutions, aiding the development of self-driving cars in a connected ecosystem, multi- layer encryption solutions, and reduce medicine development cycles – all supported by cutting-edge Quantum programming.

LTI is employing a multifarious strategy to explore and integrate the advantages of Quantum technology into the digital solutions that it offers. As part of the move, LTI has partnered with IIT- Madras to set up an industry academia consortium for Quantum Technology and Quantum Computing, with projects focusing on research and innovation.
Together with IIT-Madras, it has developed two Deep point-of-views (PoVs) that focus on use cases for solving problems across industries using Quantum Technology and Quantum Computing. Further, it is engaged in developing Deep PoVs in Quantum Sensing and Quantum Communications.
With the IIT-Madras partnership providing the base, in July LTI hosted Solving with Quantum – an event that saw India’s best minds in Quantum Technology across the industry and academia come together to share their perspective. The event was held in Chennai on 21-22 July.
For the first time, the event brought together – on a single platform – top Quantum professors from IIT Madras, Quantum SMEs and specialists from top technology partners, top Quantum start-up firms, along with Quantum experts at LTI.
The theme of the first day was AdventAge Quantum. Mr Sandeep Deb (Chief Technology Officer – LTI) offered valuable insights into LTI’s focus on building an inclusive partner ecosystem with high-end tech companies and leading academia in Quantum Computing and Quantum Cryptography. A detailed walkthrough of LTI’s PoV on Quantum Technology and Quantum Computing followed.
Mr Sachin Jain (Sr Director - Global Technology Office, LTI) and Dr Chandrashekar Radhakrishnan (Principal Project Scientist – IIT-Madras) highlighted market potential, possible use cases, impact on various industries, and the viability of existing solutions in Quantum. Dr Anil Prabhakar (Professor – IIT-Madras) enunciated the need for skilled associates in the field of Quantum to harness this power for the betterment of society.
This was followed by a panel discussion on disambiguating Quantum Technologies. The panel included Mr Achyuta Ghosh (Sr Director & Head – Insights, NASSCOM), Mr Dhinakaran Vinayagamurthy (Research Scientist - IBM India Research Lab & IBM Quantum Senior Ambassador), Mr Sunil Gupta (Co Founder and CEO - QNu), Mr Vikash Gaur (EVP - LTI) and Mr Pradeep Mishra (AVP & Technology Leader - LTI).
On Day Two, 22 July, an industry-academia conclave brought together various stakeholders in Quantum Technology. Representatives from Pfizer, Goldman Sachs, KLA, Mphasis and IBM were in attendance, amongst others.
According to an LTI spokesperson, Quantum Computing and Quantum Cryptography are the two main areas that the company has embarked on, commencing an exciting journey of exploration and solving challenges. More details on the topic are here https://www.lntinfotech.com/solving-with-quantum/.


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