Oct 14
Deal for Data
Deal for Data
L&T Group company, Mindtree, has launched  a  unified  cyber-recovery platform Mindtree Vault. This is in partnership with Rubrik, a California-based cloud data management and data security firm.
Rubrik’s flagship offering is Zero Trust Data Security™. ‘Zero Trust’ is a network security model based on the philosophy that no person or device inside or outside of an organisation’s network should be granted access to connect to IT systems or services until authenticated and continuously verified.
Mindtree Vault combines Mindtree’s programme management, cloud, data, cybersecurity capabilities, best practices and accelerators with Rubrik’s data resilience, data observability and data recovery capabilities. It enables organisations to work through the full scope of recovery, including assessment, discovery, migration with ongoing management services, and pilots for proof-of-concept projects.
By empowering organisations to quickly shift to data-driven models, Mindtree Vault ensures that data is immutable, and enhances their ability to guard against cyber-attacks as well as swiftly recover from them. It delivers a seamless experience and is a key component of an organisation’s data security posture.
“Greater connectivity and innovations being used by
attackers mean an ever more critical need for faster, more modern approaches to data recovery and protection. Our partnership with Rubrik will further strengthen our digital transformation offerings with enhanced data security and data protection.” says Mr Sriram K (EVP & Service Lines Market Head for North America – Mindtree).


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