Oct 13
Maximising Microsoft
Maximising Microsoft
LTI recently launched a dedicated Microsoft Business  Unit  to  develop  and offer end-to-end digital transformation solutions. The move is part of its multi-year partnership with Microsoft that focuses on developing high-value cloud solutions for enterprises.
Under the initiative, by 2024, LTI will train 12,000 of its professionals on various Microsoft technologies. This will enhance the skill competencies of LTI staffers across technologies like cloud, data, IoT and security.
“LTI has a long-standing relationship with Microsoft as a strategic partner, service provider, and customer. The reaffirmed partnership will enable us to innovate and offer 170+ distinct services to our joint customers,” says Mr Nachiket Deshpande (COO – LTI).
“Enterprises across the globe are increasingly embracing cloud, and to meet this demand, LTI has made impressive strides in developing a multi- dimensional capability on Azure. LTI and Microsoft will jointly innovate, develop, and sell solutions to assist enterprises in acceleration of their digital transformation journeys,” adds Mr Siddharth Bohra (Chief Business Officer & Head of Cloud Business Unit – LTI).
Ms Julie Sanford (VP – Partner GTM, Programs & Experiences, Microsoft) says: “Through their new Microsoft Business Unit, LTI will be able to help customers implement cloud strategies and drive business transformation across industries and geographies. We look forward to working with LTI as they build new capabilities and deliver innovative solutions on the Microsoft Cloud.”
The collaboration will enable LTI to attain Solution Partner designation across all Microsoft’s solution areas.
LTI is also an Azure Expert MSP Partner which demonstrates deep knowledge, extensive experience and proven success in implementing specialised workloads such as migration and modernisation, SAP on Azure, Data Analytics, IoT, security, and Microsoft Dynamics 365.


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