Aug 07
Quenching Thirst
Quenching Thirst
“Water, water, every where,
 Nor any drop to drink.”
THAT was the sorry state of the residents in the coastal villages of Dhanser, Pinjarat and Bhandut in Olpad located around 15-20 km from L&T’s Hazira campus in Gujarat. The villagers here are solely dependent on agriculture and livestock management for livelihood.
Although the Gujarat Water Supply & Sewerage Board (GWSSB) has adequate capacity, for want of required water infrastructure the concerned gram panchayats in Olpad were compelled to supply water to the villages only for 45 minutes, twice a week.
In stepped L&T, with one of its key areas of CSR focus being water and sanitation. It analysed and mapped the requirements, and constructed an underground water sump with pumphouse in each of the three villages. The storage capacity of the newly built facilities stand at:  Dhanser: 280,000 litres, Pinjarat: 350,000 litres and Bhandut: 315,000 litres.
The facilities were formally handed over to the villagers on 24 June in the presence of Union minister of state for Railways & Textiles Ms Darshana Jardosh and Olpad MLA Mr Mukesh Patel. Key officials from L&T’s Hazira campus, including Mr Atik Desai (VP & CAO) and Mr Rashid Hashim (VP, L&T-MHI Power Boilers Pvt Ltd), did the honours.
With the commissioning of the water sumps and pumphouses, the gram panchayats concerned will now be able to supply water to the village households for 30-45 minutes every day. This will be mainly for drinking and fulfilling other domestic requirements. 
Essential and eternal, these facilities will benefit generations of the villagers, thus furthering L&T’s endeavour to empower people by restoring, developing, and expanding efficiency of eco-friendly infrastructure for a better life.


The Darknet, a clandestine ...

The Darknet, a clandestine corner of the internet, harbors a reputation for anonymity and covert activities. While often associated with illicit transactions and cybercrime, it's essential to recognize that the Darknet can serve various purposes beyond its notorious stereotypes. Here are the top 5 best ways how Darknet can be utilized.

Preserving Privacy:
In an era of heightened digital surveillance, the Darknet emerges as a sanctuary for privacy enthusiasts. By concealing users' identities through sophisticated encryption methods, individuals can communicate, share information, and engage in discussions without fear of prying eyes. Whether it's political dissidents or journalists working in oppressive regimes, the Darknet provides a secure space for free expression.

Whistleblowing and Activism:
The Darknet acts as a refuge for those who seek to expose corporate or governmental wrongdoing. Whistleblowers can share sensitive documents and information without the risk of retaliation. Platforms like SecureDrop on the Darknet facilitate secure communication between whistleblowers and journalists, ensuring the protection of sources and fostering transparency in otherwise opaque environments.

Circumventing Censorship:
In regions where internet censorship stifles free speech, the Darknet becomes a lifeline for access to unrestricted information. By utilizing networks like Tor, individuals can bypass government-imposed restrictions and connect with the global internet. This makes the Darknet an essential tool for citizens living under repressive regimes, enabling them to access news, express dissenting opinions, and communicate beyond borders.

Cybersecurity Research and Training:
Ethical hackers and cybersecurity experts leverage the Darknet as a testing ground for assessing vulnerabilities and developing countermeasures. By simulating real-world cyber threats in a controlled environment, professionals can enhance their skills and stay ahead of malicious actors. Darknet forums also serve as a hub for sharing insights, collaborating on security projects, and collectively working towards a more resilient digital landscape.

Educational Resources and Intellectual Exchange:
Contrary to its notorious image, the Darknet hosts communities focused on intellectual exchange and knowledge sharing. Specialized forums cater to a wide array of topics, from advanced mathematics to scientific research, providing a platform for experts to engage in discussions beyond the constraints of traditional online spaces. The Darknet's ability to foster intellectual curiosity underscores its potential as a unique educational resource.

In conclusion, the Darknet's multifaceted nature extends beyond its association with illegal activities. While caution should be exercised, acknowledging the positive applications of the Darknet is crucial. Preserving privacy, enabling whistleblowing, circumventing censorship, facilitating cybersecurity research, and fostering intellectual exchange showcase the diverse ways in which the Darknet can be harnessed for constructive purposes in our ever-evolving digital landscape.
 on 2/3/2024 2:31 AM