Nov 10
A Lake Reawakens
A Lake Reawakens
A LAKE is more than just a waterbody. It revives people’s soul, rekindles their spirit, and add a touch of freshness and greenery to a locality. It also serves as the lungs of the area.
The magnificent, centuries-old Jakkur Lake, occupies about 100 acres in the Yelahanka-Hebbal area of northern Bengaluru. But over the years, it became highly polluted by sewage and waste, discouraging both migratory birds and joggers. This and many more polluted lakes eventually became a cause for concern, and some NGOs and the urban local bodies launched a lake-revivalist movement in and around Bengaluru a few years ago.
Responding to the call, L&T in 2018 pledged a Rs 1.18-crore CSR fund for rejuvenating Jakkur Lake. Subsequently, L&T Construction Equipment Ltd and L&T Realty – two prominent subsidiaries of L&T –  kickstarted the rejuvenation exercise in three phases.  
Firstly, over a thousand trees belonging to 100-odd species were planted on the lake banks. Next came the installation of 50 solar lights around the lake. The third phase saw the addition of an amphitheatre and construction of an obstacle course that can be used by people of all age groups for physical and mental fitness. The amphitheatre gives people the opportunity to participate in cultural, educational and entertainment activities.
Also, to promote Indian traditional sport, fifteen venues were built for games like morabara, navkankari and chouka baara on the eastern and western part of the lake. A children’s play area, dotted with tall structures for birdwatching, has been built with recycled materials. A butterfly habitat was among the initiatives for the lake rejuvenation. 
Mr Arvind K Garg, EVP & Head, L&T Construction & Mining Machinery, recently ceremoniously handed over the new facilities at Jakkur Lake. Mr K Chandrashekar, Business Head – Bengaluru Project, L&T Realty, and Mr D Keshava Kumar, Chief Executive - L&T Construction & Machinery Ltd, were present. 
“It feels so nice to relax amid the beautiful and fresh greenery. I am happy that the citizens, along with the government and bureaucracy, have brought about such a pleasant change. This can set an example for the revival of other declining lakes in Bengaluru,” Mr Garg observed.