Nov 10
Sole Connection
Sole Connection
FESTIVALS are all about connecting lives, and in this festive season, what more could Bengal have asked for than something which would help people connect. L&T’s Transportation Infrastructure arm has recently completed the construction of a 1.0006 km  bridge over the mighty Teesta river in northern Bengal. This is a crucial bridge that will provide easy connectivity to the Hashimara Air Force base and is part of the only road link to the northeast region.
Building this bridge, which was taken up under the Ghoshpukur-Salsalabari Road Project in northern Bengal, was a really challenging task. Originating from the upper Himalayas in Sikkim, Teesta is a very turbulent river and constructing a bridge over her is no cakewalk. The presence of multiple barrages and dams upstream called for stringent coordination with various departments to line up the working slots. Significant ground engineering works in the project included 22 well foundations each measuring 7 m in diameter and 28.5 m in depth for the piers, and 2 well foundations 8.5 m in diameter and 34 m deep for the abutments.
Despite the constraint of low resources aggravated by the lockdown restrictions, the project team aligned with the COVID-19 SOPs and completed the superstructure of the bridge that has 23 spans with a girder length of 43.6 m. By delivering projects like this, L&T continues to serve the nation by way of boosting connectivity and defence infrastructure.


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