Nov 10
A Big Virtual Leap
A Big Virtual Leap
THE MILITARY Communication Segment of L&T’s Smart World & Communication (SW&C) vertical has pioneered a new process. It recently demonstrated the On-Site Acceptance Testing (OSAT) of a GSAT-20 gateways station to client using a virtual meeting tool. The Space Application Centre of ISRO (Ahmedabad) had placed the order on L&T for a GSAT-20 gateways station. The scope included supply, installation and OSAT.
The normal testing process is a long-drawn-out activity which involves sharing of internal test reports, customer approvals over a 7-to-10 day period,  travel and accommodation at each site, visits of 6 to 8 scientists to the respective sites with the testing duration spanning around 4 to 5 days. Additionally, L&T engineers are also deployed for client coordination and the testing. The entire activity takes weeks –  especially in the case of multiple sites, and involves huge expense.
However, the COVID-induced restrictions made it necessary for L&T to look for some viable alternative, as OSAT is a crucial step that cannot be bypassed and at the same time, the project being of national import, cannot be delayed. Thus, SW&C decided to conduct the OSAT using virtual meeting tool MS Teams. The virtual OSAT involved activities at 10 sites across 5 cities. About 20 senior ISRO scientists from multiple locations virtually witnessed the testing – a first for ISRO!  They appreciated the smart move  and expressed a clear preference for the virtual mode for all subsequent OSATs activities.
This switch to virtual testing brings significant gains to both, client as well as the provider. On the success and acceptance of this model with ISRO, L&T has decided to introduce virtual OSAT for other clients as well. This is no less than historic.


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