Aug 17
Watering Gardena
Watering Gardena
L&T GROUP company Mindtree, having operations in 15 countries worldwide, has won a major client based out of Germany. The client happens to be a leading brand for gardening tools in entire Europe. The gardening tools brand, Gardena, is a subsidiary of Swedish major Husqvarna Group. Mindtree has been commissioned to provide DevOps-centric SAP services to Gardena to help drive its digital transformation initiatives.
The parent company, Husqvarna, wants better visibility into Gardena’s operations, effectively improve service and product offerings across sales and service channels and optimise the supply chain. Mindtree will apply agile and DevOps concepts to help Gardena develop and deploy SAP applications at a faster pace to meet the business demands in the digital age. This partnership will contribute to the company’s goal of transitioning from a shared services center to a DevOps-enabled product IT operating model.
“Husqvarna Group and its Gardena Division are well-known global brands positioned at the forefront of their industry, and we are delighted to be their global partner,” says Mr Debashis Chatterjee, CEO and MD of Mindtree. Mindtree’s unique product IT operating approach will help accelerate Gardena’s product lifecycle – from ideation to development to release – enabling the business to meet customer demands more effectively. 


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