Aug 16
Think Vitual Act Real
Think Vitual Act Real
THE COVID pandemic has turned remote-work into a new normal. This, in turn, has made it imperative for organisations to virtualise their core business-facing activities. This spurred L&T Technology Services (LTTS) to launch virtual clones of its two key properties – the Think Studio and the Wet Lab. Now clients can witness and assess the technologies and capabilities of LTTS while sitting at home, anywhere in the world!
The Think Studio is a topnotch incubation lab based in Bengaluru. It is where LTTS’ innovative ideas come to life. The Studio showcases a plethora of possibilities – right from ideating engineering excellence to prototyping samples, patenting design rights to mass production and so on.
Its virtual version, christened the Virtual Think Studio, offers clients a 360-degree panoramic view of the creative engineering and designing that goes into creating solutions. The virtual walkthrough of the labs is replete with simulation, VR tools, tutorials and demos. There are also multiple video capsules of the projects on display, and these serve as testimonials.
The Virtual Think Studio is likely to prove a major enabler for the potential and existing Fortune 500 customers whom LTTS has been assisting in their journey for digital transformation by developing and offering cutting-edge innovative solutions.
The Wet Lab is based at the Mysore campus of LTTS. It is a one-of-a-kind biological testing lab where life science & diagnostic devices are validated with the help of chemicals, drugs and bio-matter. The lab enables safe handling of biomedical, microbiology and chemical engineering related equipment and processes.
The Wet Lab is where numerous chemicals and potential hazardous substances are handled in a controlled environment to avoid spillage and contamination. LTTS’ team of highly specialised engineers in the medical domain work on various aspects of medical devices such as validation and verification, reliability engineering, feature enhancement, ergonomic assessments and usability engineering.
LTTS has now launched an interactive 360-degree virtual platform of the Wet Lab for its clients. Similar to the Virtual Think Studio, the virtual version of the Wet Lab contains simulations, VR tools, tutorials and demos, enabling clients to witness the life science & diagnostic innovations at the click of a button. The dual layer of authentication, for those who register for the virtual tour, provides an added layer of security.


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