Jan 29
First-Aid & CPR Training for LDA Workmen
First-Aid & CPR Training for LDA Workmen

To equip workmen at LDA with the knowledge of basic first-aid and performing emergency CPR, a special workshop was conducted on December 23, 2017. Conducted by Mr. Kishan Jedhe of Powai, Welfare Department, the session focused on ensuring how the workmen can deal effectively with emergency medical situations without fear and confusion. The workmen were taught how to use first-aid kits in and all the contents in it while for the emergency CPR, they were trained using a mannequin.

A month earlier on November 29, as part of an effort to spread awareness on personal health & hygiene, the team at LDA held a wellness initiative at the campus during which Mr. Jedhe familiarized the attendees on the importance of good health and personal hygiene including the ill-effects of alcohol and drug addiction. 


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