Nov 17
Going Greener
Going Greener

                                                 L&T is making a mark on the world’s first bio-refinery to produce ethanol from bamboo

E20 is a 20:80 ethanol-petrol blend fuel. The ethanol is produced at a bio-refinery. Earlier this year, the Finnish energy companies Chempolis and Fortum, and the state-owned Indian oil company Numaligarh Refinery Ltd formed a joint venture – the Assam Bio Refinery Private Ltd (ABRPL) – to set up a pioneering bio-refinery in Assam.

L&T Special Fabrication has been selected for supplying critical titanium spools for this upcoming bio-refinery – which will be the world’s first bio-refinery producing cellulosic ethanol and bio-based chemicals from bamboo. L&T’s scope includes supply of 40,000-inch dia. of Gr.2 and Gr.12 titanium spools.

Titanium has unique characteristics – high strength, low weight (45% steel) and resistance to extreme corrosive and creep conditions up to 600°C. These properties make it ideal for use in bio-refineries.

Welding titanium requires specialised knowledge and techniques due to its reactive nature and the formation of brittle intermetallic during welding. Also, in this case, ABRPL set a stringent requirement for bright silver weld only.

For L&T Special Fabrication, the order necessitated overcoming several challenges. Capability had to be built in terms of a clean room/dust-free enclosure (DFE) for welding and in-house skill enhancement, obtaining procedure qualifications, getting welders and welding operators qualified, and reducing cycle time.

Overcoming the challenges within a compressed schedule was a tough task – but the dedicated team put its collective shoulder to the proverbial wheel and surmounted every obstacle.

A 450m² clean room/DFE facility meeting all requirements was set up within a record three weeks. In-situ cutting and weld edge preparation (1-20 inches) reduced material handling and iron contamination for titanium pipes.

Over 25 welders and welding operators were trained and qualified through a robust training module for titanium Gas Tungsten Arc Welding. Clamp fit-up of butt weld joints was successfully implemented. Processes were put in place to prevent contamination of dust and iron particles to achieve bright silver colour.

L&T is proud of its contribution to India’s energy independence mission and the global biofuel initiative.

Nov 17
It's Raining Records
It's Raining Records

It's been a string of successes for L&T at HPCL Rajasthan Refinery Ltd (HRRL) in Rajasthan’s Barmer.

First, L&T erected the world’s largest on-site fabricated Reactor- Regenerator in the heart of the refinery. The successful execution of this incredible task was made possible by three L&T teams – two from L&T Heavy Engineering i.e., the Modification, Revamp & Upgrade (MRU) unit and the Reactor Pressure Vessel (RPV) unit – and L&T Energy Hydrocarbon (LTEH).

The record not only marks a historic moment for HRRL but also contributes to the ‘Make in India’ initiative, showcasing the potential for domestic manufacturing and engineering capabilities.

The onsite fabrication of the reactor – a massive piece of equipment with a diameter of 15.8 m, 42.2 m in length and weighing 728 MT – was a remarkable achievement for L&T Heavy Engineering. It was the first time that such a large and complex piece of machinery was built on-site in India.

In March, the MRU team performed the hydro test of the onsite fabricated reactor meant for the refinery’s Petrochemical Fluidised Catalyst Cracking Unit (PFCCU). Lasting an hour, the test required 46 million litres of water, a pressure range of 4.615 kg/cm² to 4.815 kg/cm² and a weight of 5456 MT.

Then on 5 May and 14 July, the world’s largest and tallest regenerator and reactor top dome were shipped, respectively, from the fabrication yard to the PFCCU at HRRL. The MRU, RPV and LTEH teams achieved a global benchmark in FCCU project execution by fabricating, transporting, and erecting these components.

On 26 July, the onsite Heavy Engineering team completed the fabrication of the Third Stage Separator (TSS) equipment for the PFCCU. The world’s largest TSS fabricated to date, it has a diameter of 9.850 m, is 17 m long, and weighs 314 MT. It was shipped from the fabrication yard to the PFCCU as part of the RR package.

HRRL has expressed high praise for these records – especially considering the outstanding performance in safety, quality and delivery.

Nov 17
Irrigating Hinterland
Irrigating Hinterland

                                                         Prime Minister praises L&T's project team for Gujarat irrigation project

Now 75,000 farmers in 57 villages spread over 17,158 hectares in  Rajkot district , Gujarat, will get consistent water supply, beefing up food security. Thanks to the irrigation system constructed by L&T and inaugurated by the Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi.

The momentous inauguration took place on 27 July at Rajkot’s Racecourse Ground. It was attended by, among others, the Union Minister of Civil Aviation and Steel Mr Jyotiraditya Scindia and the Chief Minister of Gujarat Mr Bhupendra Patel.

The irrigation system has been executed by the Large Water Systems Business Unit of L&T’s Water & Effluent Treatment vertical. This is part of the Saurashtra Narmada Avtaran Irrigation (SAUNI) project which was launched by the Prime Minister to fill 115 major dams by diverting the overflowing floodwaters from the Sardar Sarovar Dam across the Narmada to the drought-prone areas of Saurashtra. It acts as a ‘linking’ project, filling irrigation dams that are already equipped with canal networks.

L&T undertook the Link 3 Package 8 of the SAUNI project on 8 January 2021 and completed on 30 June 2023. It involved engineering, procurement and construction for supplying, lowering, laying and jointing 2500 mm dia (ID) 14 mm thick mild steel pipeline 32.56 km long from the delivery chamber of SAUNI Yojana Link 3 package 5 near Gundasara village to the Bhadar-1 reservoir. The scope included all allied works, along with operation and maintenance for 10 years.

Speaking at the inauguration, the Prime Minister praised the project team and expressed delight at the fact that so many villages and such a large number of people would benefit from this irrigation system.

Nov 17
Scaling Up Skills
Scaling Up Skills

                                                      L&T Construction & Mining Machinery makes a mark in workforce upskilling initiative

The Infrastructure Equipment Skill Council (IESC) of the Central government facilitates training to people in the infrastructure equipment sector, including construction equipment operators.

Through IESC’s Skill Certification Scheme, individuals with experience in the sector can undergo assessment and receive formal certification. The certification validates their skills and knowledge, empowering them to advance their career and explore new prospects.

In collaboration with its network of dealers, customers, operators and mechanics, L&T Construction & Mining Machinery (L&T CMB) conducts such training programmes along with developing the content for the same. At the end of the training, it conducts a test under the supervision of independent assessors: successful trainees are awarded an IESC certificate.

The National Occupational Standards for excavator operators encompass safe operation skills, routine maintenance, troubleshooting and adherence to worksite health and safety guidelines. Upskilling such operators involves mobilisation, counselling, pre-screening, final assessment and certification.

Candidates are evaluated to identify areas of weakness, and training is imparted to bridge skill gaps in both applications and theoretical knowledge. To be eligible for these programmes, one should have passed the eighth standard and possess at least two years of work experience.

The training and certification process is designed to ensure industry standardisation and promote diversity and inclusion.

Starting in 2015, L&T CMB has so far trained nearly 16,000 individuals. In 2022-23 alone, it trained 1,229 people – the highest among all original equipment manufacturers in this segment. Between April and August this year, it has trained 717.

Among those who facilitated the training initiatives are L&T’s dealers – AAY CEE Excon, AIMS Sales & Services, Anugraha Construction, AS Engineering, G P Enterprises, Hiralal Industrial, Mithra Earthmovers, Rajasthan Diesels, SRL, and SS Diesels.

L&T’s involvement in this national initiative reflects its commitment to upskilling India’s workforce – and help bridge the demand-supply gap of skilled workers.

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