Jun 13
One Morning in May…
One Morning in May…

By Yogi Sriram, Sr. VP, Corporate HR, L&T

On a sunny sultry Mumbai morning last week, I found my way into the leafy old campus of my alma mater in Chembur. I had been invited to address a batch of the brightest young social science professionals at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) as Chief Guest.  As I was driving to TISS from L&T, Powai, I thought about my journey of four decades from TISS to L&T.

I entered the campus and looked around reminiscing about the old days. I had received my Masters certificate during the 37th convocation. This was the 77th. I passed out in 1977. This was 2017. Aha, I told myself after all, 7 is your favorite number.

Two years in TISS had taught me a few important lessons in life.  It shaped my personality by teaching me that inclusion and exclusion are realities of life.  It gave me friends that came from diverse fields and different thoughts and sharpened my social intelligence.

But so much had changed ... .

Many concepts that we had believed were certainties are being challenged. Countries are going through a transition in the economic, political or cultural spheres.

The millennial generation are making waves. Technology has extended the range of transmission of thought and sentiment.  It is now easy for thoughts to become trends.

Learning for the millennials is defined by the desire to develop superior reasoning and problem solving skills.  Gamification and other learning pedagogy are providing that intrinsic motivation. Now, learning is fun.

Digital technology has democratized communication and learning. Today, everyone can be a transmitter of news and learning.

Companies and individuals are realizing that those that demonstrate agility will win. Agility rhymes with stability; adding to this troika is humility.

New structures, processes and governance mechanisms drive greater agility.  Platform based talent markets are putting the emphasis back in human capital management, on humans.

I have realized that emotional intelligence is as important as artificial intelligence.

I spoke about all this and more after felicitating the prize winners with medals, awards and certificates. There were about 600 in that hall. Students, Parents, friends et al. They represented a kaleidoscope of disciplines in social science that ranged from Master of Health Administration, Master of Hospital Administration, Master of Public Health in Social Epidemiology, Master of Public Health in Health Policy, Economics & Finance, M.A. in Human Resources Management and Labour Relations, M.A. in Globalisation and Labour, M.A. in Social Entrepreneurship, M.A. in Development Studies. M.A. in Women's Studies, M.A./M.Sc. in Disaster Management, Master of Laws in Access to Justice and to M.A./M.Sc. in Development Practice (PMRDF).

It was a fulfilling morning witnessing the best young minds in social science in the country, celebrating their enunciation into the real world. And after a morning filled with nostalgia I was back at work in L&T.

For those interested in reading the convocation address use this QR for down loading the address on your smart phone. This “cool" methodology of transfer was used at the Convocation.


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