Aug 03
Higher in AI
Higher in AI
With the launch of a generative AI platform and product suite upgrade, LTIMindtree is taking huge strides in AI
In a strategic move to leverage AI technology, LTIMindtree (LTIM) has launched an enterprise-ready generative AI platform designed to accelerate the concept-to-value journey for businesses using  mindful AI  principles.
Named, it is among the first platforms of its kind designed to help enterprises jumpstart and scale generative AI capabilities, bolstering business innovation and engineering productivity. effectively manages proprietary and industry-specific data, while factoring its ethical use, sustainability, privacy and security.
The platform-based architecture of caters to the business requirements of three key personas – creators who build generative AI solutions, admins who manage, and users who consume governed generative AI solutions. guarantees up to 40-50% reduction in time and effort for app modernisation and cloud migration programmes.
Rapid advancements in technology and pervasiveness of generative AI make it necessary for organisations to carefully weigh in the ethical ramifications of its adoption. With built-in features such as explainable AI and security-first approach, which serve as guardrails, prevents the abuse of the technology. It can help organisations traverse data regulations, minimise unintended bias and ensure transparency across the business supply chain. It gives them the scope for mindful innovation and the resources to deploy generative AI responsibly. is available for clients globally through LTIM’s Generative AI Studios in Warren, New Jersy; Dallas, Texas; Hartford, Connecticut; and Minneapolis, Minnesota in US; London and Paris in Europe; and Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad in India.
“Generative AI is a seminal trend that is slating the next phase of autonomous enterprises. Through our 4E model of educate, experience, explore and employ, we remain invested in helping clients adopt and adapt to generative AI ways of working. Several of our global clients are already leveraging for unique business needs in their journey towards digital transformation and cutting-edge experience,” says LTIM CEO & MD Mr Debashis Chatterjee.
Throwing more light on this, LTIM COO Mr Nachiket Deshpande says that with, clients gain access to LTIM’s partnership with leading large language model providers and ecosystem of proprietary accelerators, domain- specific solution and product offerings, and future-ready talent pool.
LTIM’s data products suit Fosfor has released an update of its decision intelligence product, Lumin. Decision augmentation and interactivity are the core themes of this latest release, making it easy for enterprises to accelerate decision-making with minimum effort.
This enables Lumin to identify insights that have a joint relevance, like those observed in a framework or a process flow, and seamlessly support the decision-maker in their insights journey.
This means anyone interacting with Lumin can easily navigate and get related answers to questions without having to think about them. This AI-led insights journey is created using an ‘insight’ knowledge graph on top of an ontology-based knowledge graph, making it a powerful way to freely interact and interrogate data.
Lumin’s proprietary natural language model has been expanded to include OpenAI’s GPT models to automatically generate summarised narratives for business stories created on Lumin. With this integration, it is now possible to leverage the power of generative AI for analytics in a safe and secure manner with real business data.
Lumin has also rolled out a host of other features including threshold-based alerts to identify business-critical data deviations, personalised query suggestions for easier navigation and latest Software Development Kits to integrate seamlessly with other BI applications.
In collaboration with SNP Schneider-Neureither & Partner SE, LTIM has launched ‘Fast Forward’ for BLUEFIELD™ implementation, powered by SNP’s proprietary approach.
‘Fast Forward’ is a full life-cycle solution built to accelerate an enterprise’s migration to the SAP S/4HANA platform with minimal risk, while retaining the golden nugget of existing ERP. It combines LTIM’s global S/4HANA capability and industry knowledge with SNP’s CrystalBridge® platform and Rapid Empty Shell Creation technology to transform existing SAP investments without having to fully redesign their legacy systems.
LTIM and SNP will also set up a joint innovation centre to build tailored industry solutions for clients.
In collaboration with Tricentis, LTIM launched its latest suite of automated testing tools for SAP S/4HANA. Called ‘Rely’, it is a comprehensive suite of assurance and compliance services designed to streamline the execution of S/4HANA programmes. The platform provides a built-in framework for innovative testing tools and methodologies, enabling enterprises to maximise their business optimisation on S/4HANA.
‘Rely’ aims to de-risk S/4HANA by offering automation testing and ensuring that all critical business processes are thoroughly tested and validated. It eliminates delays in production releases and helps enterprises accelerate time- to-market, helping them meet the demands of customers.

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