Aug 16
Legacy of Indigenisation
Legacy of Indigenisation
Building a nation – or for that matter, a business – is not an overnight job. Where India stands today is due to the vision of our forefathers and the hardships of several decades.
The toils of scores of individuals and groups have gone into transforming India into a nation that today stands tall. L&T is one such entity.
Ture, there are companies worth more than L&T in terms of revenue and profits. But when it comes to building a self-reliant India, none come even close to L&T.
Not only for decades has L&T been making outstanding offerings to India in multiple sectors; it has also been demonstrating India’s engineering, construction and technological prowess to the world.
As such, our cover story is on L&T’s recent major offerings all over the world.
Then, there’s a crucial tête-à-tête with the L&T’s CEO & MD, wherein he talks of the conglomerate’s future. There are a couple of articles on COVID initiatives, launches and success stories from across L&T Group and recent accolades. Hoping all these will prove an interesting read!
Wishing you All
A Happy Independence Day
Yuvraj Mehta

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