Jan 24
Excavator Excels
Excavator Excels
An L&T-marketed Komatsu excavator is transforming the construction equipment landscape


In 2019, L&T principal Komatsu launched the next-gen truly efficient hydraulic excavator –  PC210LC-10M0.   This machine, possessing much higher forces and capacity as well as the latest generation of telematics, has transformed the  construction  equipment landscape in India.

To build this high-performing model, Komatsu pushed the boundaries of efficiency and leveraged nearly a century of experience with construction equipment and technology. Compared to the previous models, the PC210LC-10M0 provides up to 20% higher productivity and consumes up to 20% less fuel, redefining the reliability standards in the 21-tonne class segment in India.

In fact, one of these excavators has completed 15,000 hours of operation since commissioning. A dozen more have clocked operation times between 12,000-14,000 hours across locations and varied applications at rugged sites – such as stone quarries, blue metal mining, road making and material handling.

Having completed such long operation hours faster than any past model, these super-achievers demonstrate that they are efficient in every way.

Tech Specs

The PC210-10M0 comes fitted with a new series of engines, with optimised design parameters to minimise the peripheral power loss, eliciting the maximum net horsepower (hp) output in line with the gross hp developed. This ensures that every drop of fuel is put to productive work.

Advanced designs incorporated in the engine – including radiator fan viscous clutch technology, optimised fuel injection control, reduction of hydraulic pressure loss by optimising pipe design and enhanced engine-pump matching control – reduce power requirements. Power loss from heat generation is minimised, and system efficiency is improved, making the machine energy efficient.

The load and machine utilisation are continuously monitored by the patented telematics, Komtrax, providing valuable insights into energy-saving operations. During operations, efficiency feedback is constantly provided to the operator on a large LCD monitor connected to ECO-Gauge. Komtarx also alerts the operator on long idling and recommends switching to eco-modes, based on the usage and load condition.

Truly efficient, the PC210-10M0 is, clearly, as Victor Hugo put it, an idea whose time has come.