Oct 14
Imparting Efficiency
Imparting Efficiency
L&T Metro Rail [Hyderabad] Limited’s (L&TMRHL) in-house Training Academy runs various certificate courses to hone technical expertise of those working in India’s metro rail industry.
In July, the Academy hosted the third programme on RAMS Management of Metro Rail Systems. Executives from various metro and railways business organisations participated.
RAMS – which stands for reliability, availability, maintainability and safety – is a decision-making tool in the railway industry to improve operational efficiency. It’s a well-designed certificate course with practical exposure delivered by experts from India and abroad.
The certificate course helps railway business organisations understand ways to improve the reliability of metro rail systems and sub-systems supplied by various manufacturers. This course is designed to benefit professionals from the railways / metro rail industry to establish a systematic approach and maintain RAMS parameters.
The other significant certificate courses that the L&TMRHL Training Academy facilitated in the past include CBTC Signalling System, EMI-EMC, Safety Management, Asset Management System, Overview on Metro Rail Systems & Technology, Telecom Design for Metro & Railway Systems, etc.
These specialised training courses help develop technical expertise in India’s ever-growing metro rail industry. They also help improve RAMS analysis and evaluation during design, implementation, and operations & maintenance.
The Academy imparts training to meet the growing demand for skilled Operations Staff  (station controller, train operator, traffic controller, etc.) and Maintenance Staff (rolling stock, signalling, telecom, OHE, PSS, track, etc). Its alumni are contributing to the metro rail industry in India and abroad.
The Academy is planning new courses in interface management & system integration, reliability-centred maintenance practices, advanced quality management in O&M, etc.


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