Oct 31
What's Your LQ?
What's Your LQ?

What was the name for the Company that our founders had considered before they decided on Larsen & Toubro?

What was the name of L&T’s first corporate film?
A: Engineering & Construction Excellence
B: Building the Future
C: Shaping the Future
D: The Heartbeat of Technology

Name the country in the Middle East where L&T had set up a dairy.
A: Oman
B: Saudi Arabia
C: Yemen
D: Jordan

Can you name the renowned national leader whose great-grandson briefly worked with L&T?
A: Mahatma Gandhi
B: Dadabhoy Naoroji
C: Lokmanya Tilak
D: Netaji Subhashchandra Bose

Name the street on which L&T had set up a small workshop before Powai came up.
A: Nicol Road
B: Calicut Street
C: Nagindas Master Road
D: Hamam Street

It would take Usain Bolt - the world’s fastest man - almost all of 10 seconds to sprint along the length of a Heavy Engineering product. Can you guess the name?
A. FCC Regenerator
B. Product Splitter
D. Ammonia Convertor

Which Prime Minster of India paraphrased our slogan – We make the things that make India proud?
A. Narendra Modi
B. Rajeev Gandhi
C. Atal Bihari Vajpayee
D. Deve Gowda

L&T had briefly ventured into making an upmarket range of gent’s shoes. Name the brand.
A. Balley
B. La Paz
C. Honora
D. Cadence

In his book ‘My Country, My Life’, BJP political leader L.K. Advani talks glowingly of a road built by L&T. What’s it called?
A. Mumbai – Pune Expressway
B. Sambalpur- Rourkela Highway
C. Jaipur – Kishenganj Highway
D. Panipat Bypass

Name the person who said: “L&T today has the chance of becoming a model for the rest of the Indian corporate sector.”
A. P. Chidambaram
B. P. Mahalnobis
C. D.N. Ghosh
D. M. Damodaran

Everyone’s talking today about the Statue of Unity (SoU). But there was a statute with which L&T was briefly associated decades ago. Do you know of whom?
A. Jawaharlal Nehru
B. Gautam Buddha
C. Ramakrishna Paramahansa
D. Netaji Bose

India’s 2007 World Cup Cricket campaign may not be worth remembering but the stadium that hosted the finals sure was. Re-built by L&T Construction can you guess the name of the stadium?
A. Sabina Park
B. Kensington Oval
C. Antigua Recreation Ground
D. Sir Vivian Richards Stadium

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