Feb 08
Recognition for ESG Excellence
Recognition for ESG Excellence
Rising in ESG
L&T Finance (LTF) has been awarded an ESG Risk Rating of 16.5 by Morningstar Sustainalytics. It recorded an increase in percentile industry rank – 11 as compared to 17 earlier. This affirms LTF’s position in the low-risk category.
This improved rating underscores LTF’s commitment to sustainable practices and business conduct, spearheaded by its dedicated ESG team and valued stakeholders.
Morningstar Sustainalytics is a leading independent ESG and corporate governance research, ratings and analytics firm. They measure the magnitude to which a company is exposed to ESG risks and how well that company is managing such risks by way of categorising them across risk levels, i.e., Severe (40+), High (30-40), Medium (20-30), Low (10-20) and Negligible (0-10).
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Safety Eleven
Eleven project teams across L&T Construction have scaled the summit of EHS performance by scoring handsomely in the British Safety Council’s Five Star Audits and winning the much-coveted Sword of Honour.
All these projects – 8 from Buildings & Factories, 2 from Water & Effluent Treatment, and 1 from Railways vertical – ticked the usual EHS boxes of developing and maintaining a robust safety culture, ensuring buy-ins from all stakeholders, involving senior leadership in the EHS process and driving continuous improvement.
The winning project teams are:
Buildings & Factories
  • Bullet Train - C6 Stations & Depot Project, Gujarat
  • Common Central Secretariat Building 1, 2 & 3, New Delhi
  • Innovation Campus, Chennai
  • Super Specialty Hospital Project, Warangal, Telangana
  • City & Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO), Taloja, Navi Mumbai
  • JRS Project, Ahmedabad
  • Govt Medical College & Hospital Project, Jajpur, Odisha
  • Maruti Suzuki India Limited Project, Sonipat


Water & Effluent Treatment

  • Tirunelveli Underground Sewerage Schemes - Phase II
  • Surya Water Supply Scheme
Regional Rapid Transit System Track Works Package 17 (Delhi – Meerut)


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