Nov 17
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Paean for Projects

                                            L&T Hydrocarbon earns coveted award for extraordinary accomplishments in four projects

L&T Energy Hydrocarbon (LTEH) has been honoured with the ‘Global EPC Company of the Year – Special Achievement Recognition’ award at the 10th EPC World Awards 2023.

Union Minister of Road Transport & Highways Mr Nitin Gadkari presented the award to an LTEH team led by Mr Parthasarathi Chatterjee (EVP & Head – Offshore, LTEH) at a glittering ceremony in New Delhi on 24 July.

This came as recognition  for  LTEH’s extraordinary accomplishments in four projects, namely – the Crude & Vacuum Distillation Unit (CDU-VDU) at HPCL’s Visakh Refinery in Visakhapatnam (EPCC-01), the New Water Injection South Field project of ONGC off the Mumbai coast, the Gas PDMs in Hasbah Arabiyah Oil Field (CROP 27) and the Zulf 3 SSS Decks and Associated Pipelines & Umbilical’s at Zuluf in Saudi Arabia (CRPO 36).

The CDU-VDU project that LTEH undertook was in connection with the enhancement of Visakh Refinery’s capacity from 8.33 to 15 MMTPA. It included a comprehensive range of services – from project management and residual process design to final handover, involving critical components like 9 MMTPA capacity CDU-VDU, 0.029 MMTPA Hot Well Off Gas Unit, and a 0.29 MMTPA SR-LPG Treatment Unit.

LTEH achieved mechanical completion of the project in December 2022, followed by the commissioning in June 2023.

Several factors contributed to the success of the project, such as a robust quality-control (QC) process, critical metallurgy and service considerations guided inspection categorisation, and detailed inspection interventions to ensure category-wise high-quality standards. Inspection, test plans and QC procedures were meticulously developed, leading to first-time approval by Engineers India Ltd.

The project’s impact on the environment was carefully considered and mitigated through various measures like minimising vehicle and equipment movement, efficient power consumption, responsible concrete pouring, waste management, noise reduction, and the use of eco-friendly technologies. The project also recorded 28 million safe man-hours, and a remarkable record of no Lost Time Accidents (LTAs) or fatalities.

What made this project stand out were its unique challenges and the innovative solutions devised to address them. With a compact layout, vertical plant height, and adherence to stringent safety guidelines, LTEH showcased its wide-ranging expertise. From make-in-India supply to efficient heat exchanger and precast methodologies, the project incorporated numerous innovative approaches that saved time, resources, and ensured excellence.

With a strong focus on quality, cost efficiency, and sustainability, LTEH continues to set new benchmarks in hydrocarbon engineering and construction. The award stands as a testament to its commitment to excellence and innovation in the industry.


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