Nov 17
Digital Sakhi Delights
Digital Sakhi Delights

                                                    L&T Finance recently won two prestigious awards for its flagship CSR project Digital Sakhi

L&T Finance (LTF) was recently conferred two prestigious awards for its flagship CSR project Digital Sakhi

While Digital Sakhi was adjudged the ‘Best CSR Initiative’ in corporate group category at the 3rd DNA Awards organised by Banking Frontiers, the same project won LTF the ‘Best Company in Sustainable CSR’ award in NBFC and Fintech category at the NBFC Leadership Awards 2023.

The awards were presented to LTF in two separate ceremonies hosted in Mumbai on 25 August.

Digital Sakhis are rural women trained to impart Digital Financial Literacy (DFL), in terms of both knowledge and skills, to households in their communities and nurture an ecosystem of digital transactions. Armed with a mobile tablet with preloaded DFL modules, they go about raising the DFL IQ of rural India. They are also trained in leadership and technology.

Launched in 2017, the Digital Sakhi project focuses on the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5 – Gender Equality. It also nurtures women entrepreneurs from rural communities, providing them with upskilling and enterprise development training to help them build their own business, and in turn, enhance their livelihood.

The project is being undertaken in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, West Bengal, Karnataka, and Kerala. In FY 2022-23 alone, 1,370 Digital Sakhis have trained and empowered more than 11 lakh people.


Criminal Justice Reform and...

Criminal Justice Reform and Treatment Courts:

Addressing amphetamine use within the criminal justice system involves exploring alternatives to incarceration and emphasizing treatment-oriented approaches Treatment courts, including drug courts, divert individuals with substance use disorders away from traditional criminal justice proceedings, focusing on rehabilitation and recovery rather than punitive measures.

Mental Health First Aid Training:

Mental Health First Aid training programs aim to equip individuals, including community members, educators, and frontline responders, with the skills to identify and respond to mental health and substance use crises, including amphetamine use disorders. This widespread training enhances community support and reduces stigma surrounding mental health challenges.
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