Nov 17
Award for Water Project
Award for Water Project

The Irrigation, Industrial & Infrastructure Strategic Business Group L&T’s Water & Effluent Treatment vertical has been conferred the Energy & Environment Foundation (EEF) Global Water Irrigation Company of the Year Award 2023.

Mr Kaushal Kishore (Union Minister of State – Housing & Urban Affairs), Mr Anil Razdan (former Union Power Secretary) and Mr Anil Garg (CEO – EEF) presented the award to L&T at the glittering EEF Global Awards 2023 ceremony in New Delhi on 25 August. On L&T’s behalf, Mr Tariq Ahmad, Mr Vikash Sharma and Mr Anurag Awasthi received the award.

EEF is an NGO focused on global energy and environment issues for a healthier, happier, prosperous and greener planet.


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 on 12/15/2023 4:02 PM