Nov 17
It's Raining Records
It's Raining Records

It's been a string of successes for L&T at HPCL Rajasthan Refinery Ltd (HRRL) in Rajasthan’s Barmer.

First, L&T erected the world’s largest on-site fabricated Reactor- Regenerator in the heart of the refinery. The successful execution of this incredible task was made possible by three L&T teams – two from L&T Heavy Engineering i.e., the Modification, Revamp & Upgrade (MRU) unit and the Reactor Pressure Vessel (RPV) unit – and L&T Energy Hydrocarbon (LTEH).

The record not only marks a historic moment for HRRL but also contributes to the ‘Make in India’ initiative, showcasing the potential for domestic manufacturing and engineering capabilities.

The onsite fabrication of the reactor – a massive piece of equipment with a diameter of 15.8 m, 42.2 m in length and weighing 728 MT – was a remarkable achievement for L&T Heavy Engineering. It was the first time that such a large and complex piece of machinery was built on-site in India.

In March, the MRU team performed the hydro test of the onsite fabricated reactor meant for the refinery’s Petrochemical Fluidised Catalyst Cracking Unit (PFCCU). Lasting an hour, the test required 46 million litres of water, a pressure range of 4.615 kg/cm² to 4.815 kg/cm² and a weight of 5456 MT.

Then on 5 May and 14 July, the world’s largest and tallest regenerator and reactor top dome were shipped, respectively, from the fabrication yard to the PFCCU at HRRL. The MRU, RPV and LTEH teams achieved a global benchmark in FCCU project execution by fabricating, transporting, and erecting these components.

On 26 July, the onsite Heavy Engineering team completed the fabrication of the Third Stage Separator (TSS) equipment for the PFCCU. The world’s largest TSS fabricated to date, it has a diameter of 9.850 m, is 17 m long, and weighs 314 MT. It was shipped from the fabrication yard to the PFCCU as part of the RR package.

HRRL has expressed high praise for these records – especially considering the outstanding performance in safety, quality and delivery.


W O W ! Outstanding achieve...

W O W ! Outstanding achievement !
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