Nov 17
Scaling Up Skills
Scaling Up Skills

                                                      L&T Construction & Mining Machinery makes a mark in workforce upskilling initiative

The Infrastructure Equipment Skill Council (IESC) of the Central government facilitates training to people in the infrastructure equipment sector, including construction equipment operators.

Through IESC’s Skill Certification Scheme, individuals with experience in the sector can undergo assessment and receive formal certification. The certification validates their skills and knowledge, empowering them to advance their career and explore new prospects.

In collaboration with its network of dealers, customers, operators and mechanics, L&T Construction & Mining Machinery (L&T CMB) conducts such training programmes along with developing the content for the same. At the end of the training, it conducts a test under the supervision of independent assessors: successful trainees are awarded an IESC certificate.

The National Occupational Standards for excavator operators encompass safe operation skills, routine maintenance, troubleshooting and adherence to worksite health and safety guidelines. Upskilling such operators involves mobilisation, counselling, pre-screening, final assessment and certification.

Candidates are evaluated to identify areas of weakness, and training is imparted to bridge skill gaps in both applications and theoretical knowledge. To be eligible for these programmes, one should have passed the eighth standard and possess at least two years of work experience.

The training and certification process is designed to ensure industry standardisation and promote diversity and inclusion.

Starting in 2015, L&T CMB has so far trained nearly 16,000 individuals. In 2022-23 alone, it trained 1,229 people – the highest among all original equipment manufacturers in this segment. Between April and August this year, it has trained 717.

Among those who facilitated the training initiatives are L&T’s dealers – AAY CEE Excon, AIMS Sales & Services, Anugraha Construction, AS Engineering, G P Enterprises, Hiralal Industrial, Mithra Earthmovers, Rajasthan Diesels, SRL, and SS Diesels.

L&T’s involvement in this national initiative reflects its commitment to upskilling India’s workforce – and help bridge the demand-supply gap of skilled workers.


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