Nov 17
Fair Factor
Fair Factor

                                                                                                  Fairness is the key to employee retention.

L&T has always viewed people as its prime movers. Decades ago, L&T co-founder Henning Holck-Larsen mused: “A company may have machinery and buildings – but without people, it’s all nothing. People are our only real assets”.

In keeping with this principle ingrained in the Company’s ethos, as many as 41 senior HR leaders and business executives from across L&T huddled together in a workshop in September to explore ways to drive change management exercises, and in turn, enhance employee experience.

The workshop – titled Facilitating Generative Change – was held at AMN Tower in Mumbai on September 11. Ms Peggy Holman, an independent consultant and recognised leader in people management processes from the US, conducted the workshop.

Making the opening remarks, Dr C Jayakumar (EVP & Head – Corporate HR, L&T) highlighted that the Company is in high demand for talent because of the exceptionally high order inflow in the recent times.

He said that the Great Place to Work (GPTW) survey conducted earlier this year has revealed that ‘pride’ and ‘credibility’ are L&T’s strong points. Laying emphasis on talent retention, he underscored that all efforts now should be driven towards further strengthening equity, impartiality and justice.

Introducing the participants to the generative change concept, Ms Holman used the appreciative inquiry approach to unearth what is working well in generating fairness, trust, and transparency. She also familiarised them with the concept of Open Space that can help augment fairness quotient in an organisation.

The day-long workshop has equipped the 41 participants to drive strategically vital changes in their respective verticals to enhance the satisfaction level of employees – the prime movers of L&T.


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