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CSR Happenings
CSR Happenings

                                                                                                                         BEYOND BASICS                       

                                                  L&T’s CSR Conclave 2023 reinforces commitment to building social infrastructure

Since its inception 85 years ago – long before Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) became mandatory – L&T has been quietly transforming the lives of the disadvantaged.

Today, the focus is on building India’s social infrastructure and for this L&T undertakes CSR projects in water & sanitation, education, health, and skill-building. Several L&T verticals have their own CSR teams, all of which work towards the common goal.

To reinforce the commitment and ensure synergy, L&T’s CSR department in August hosted a two-day CSR Conclave 2023, bringing together the CSR coordinators from across L&T. Also in attendance were the principals of L&T’s Construction Skills Training Institutes and the Skill Training Academy that play a crucial role in imparting training to disadvantaged workers.

Hosted at the Leadership Development Academy in Lonavala on 18-19 August, the conclave was themed on ‘Creating Impact – Beyond Compliance’. It facilitated enlightened deliberations by CSR leaders, experts, and change-makers.

In an interactive session, L&T CFO Mr R Shankar Raman offered valuable insights and highlighted the scope to align CSR strategies with L&T’s overall vision. Mr Anup Sahay (Head – Corporate Strategy and Special Initiatives, L&T) and Ms Mabel Abraham (JGM – Corporate Social Initiatives, L&T) touched upon the Company’s focus on CSR initiatives and the purpose of the conclave.

External speaker Mr Sourav Roy (CEO – Tata Steel Foundation) underscored the role of evidence in driving social impact, reminding the audience of tangible changes that well-executed CSR initiatives can achieve. Mr Gaurav Bhargava (Associate Partner – Thinkthrough Consulting) expounded the ways to turn visionary CSR goals into practical, lasting change.

The case studies and group exercises that were part of the conclave, fostered collaborative learning. The participants shared insights, exchanged ideas and engaged in a robust discussion, enhancing the collective understanding of effective CSR drives.

CSR Conclave 2023 is a testament to L&T’s commitment to making a meaningful impact on society. It’s a reminder that the purpose of L&T’s CSR goes far beyond mere compliance and aims to create lasting and transformative change in the communities served.

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                                                                                                                              FOR A BETTER WORLD

                                                                                 CSR Workshop emphasises collaboration for shared social goals

To reaffirm its commitment to social impact and sustainable development, L&T organised a CSR Workshop on 13-15 July. Hosted at the L&T Skill Trainers Academy at Mumbai’s Madh, it was attended by representatives of L&T’s NGO partners.

The event, which revolved around the theme of ‘Building Stronger Partnerships’, was aimed at fostering collaboration, sharing insights, and strengthening connections in the pursuit of shared social goals.

The workshop commenced with lamp lighting by Mr Mukund M Chitale (Chairman – CSR Committee, L&T), Mr Sivaram Nair (Company Secretary & Compliance Officer, L&T), Mr K Ramakrishnan (Chief Executive - Skill Development Mission, L&T), Mr Anup Sahay (Head – Corporate Strategy & Special Initiatives, L&T), Mr Harish Daware (DGM – Watershed Organisation Trust) and Dr Ashwini Kotrashetti (Associate Professor & Dean – Don Bosco Institute of Technology).

Ms Mabel Abraham (JGM – Corporate Social Initiatives, L&T) set the context for the event. Delivering the opening remarks, Mr Sahay underscored the significance of partnerships in driving meaningful change.

The workshop underscored the importance of collective action in driving social change and reiterated L&T’s position as a responsible corporate leader in championing the cause of sustainable development.

Several distinguished speakers shared their thoughts on the relevance of responsible corporate citizenship, exploring crucial topics like water budgeting & balancing, STEM education, skilling initiatives through L&T’s Construction Skill Training Institutes and social stock exchange.

Mr Vijay Ganapathy (Co-Founder and Partner – Thinkthrough Consulting), conducted a session on articulating social impact, encouraging participants to measure and maximise their contribution to society.

The participants gained valuable insights on L&T’s commitment to CSR engagement, initiatives in education, healthcare, and also the reporting and communication strategies, internal financial and procurement processes, etc.

The workshop reflects L&T’s vision to co-create a better world and inspires all stakeholders to come together in the pursuit of a brighter, more sustainable future.



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