Nov 17
Great Going
Great Going

                         From opening a new office to forging new partnerships, LTIMindtree is expanding every which way

 LTIMindtree (LTIM) has expanded its workplace at the Mindspace SEZ in Hyderabad by taking up four more floors in the building. The new office space was inaugurated on 6 September by Mr Jayesh Ranjan (Principal Secretary – ITE&C, I&C, Telangana) and Mr Vineet Teradesai (CFO – LTIM).

LTIM has over 16,000 staffers in Hyderabad. The new office space is designed to tick the boxes of diversity, inclusivity and sustainability. It is LEED and IGBC-compliant, maximising natural light for a vibrant environment. A range of recreational activities facilitates work-life balance. Live plants add a green vibe to the workspaces.

Cyberthreat Control
LTIM has entered into a strategic partnership with external-threat landscape management platform firm CYFIRMA. This is to enhance the threat intelligence capabilities of LTIM’s XDR platform and help global enterprises identify, evaluate, and manage potential risks and threats.

Through the L&T Innovation Fund, in April this year L&T had invested in CYFIRMA in a pre- Series B round of funding. Leveraging on this investment, the partnership will combine LTIM’s vast domain expertise and market-leading, platform-led approach with CYFIRMA’s external threat landscape management offerings to provide businesses with a complete understanding of their cyber posture.

The combined offering will empower organisations with external threat visibility and equip them with automated detection and remediation using the enhanced XDR platform. With more intelligence infused into the security operations centre, clients can confidently thwart fast-evolving threats presented by sophisticated hacking groups seeking financial gain or advancing geopolitical interests.

Innovative Solutions
LTIM recently launched two industry solutions – AdSpark and Smart Service Operations (SSO) – to accelerate the time-to-market for businesses on the Salesforce platform.

Powered by LTIM and Salesforce, AdSpark will help retailers get a head start in expanding their retail media platforms. It has been designed for the retail industry and offers self-service capabilities, including support for diverse channels such as digital, social, in-store, out of facility (OOF), and print, as well as customer preference-based segmentation and targeting.

It delivers 360-degree real-time campaign performance analytics across all channels and seamless integrations with top Adtech servers. The no-code platform caters to retailer-specific needs and enables retail marketplaces to stay ahead of the market.

On the other hand, SSO combines the power of Salesforce Service Cloud1, including Salesforce Field Service, and the LTIM NxT platform for clients in manufacturing, construction, transport, mining, power, utilities, etc.

The aim is to address common industry priorities such as worker safety and skills, improve efficiency of operations, and process difficult-to-capture and complex data, proactive maintenance of assets using AI and edge processing capabilities. It brings limitless opportunities to solve other related problems and bridge the human experience gap.

Optimising Cloud
LTIM has partnered with CAST AI, a leading SaaS company that specialises in automated cost optimisation for customers who run their cloud-native applications on Google Cloud, AWS, and Microsoft Azure.

The collaboration brings together LTIM’s Infinity platform and CAST AI’s cloud cost optimisation platform to provide enterprises with a complete view of their cloud portfolio.

This will empower organisations to optimise Kubernetes management and costs in a single or multi-cloud environments, without manual intervention. It will also help free up the customers’ time from routine tasks by automating 100% of their cloud-native infrastructure, resulting in increased stability and reduced costs.



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