Nov 17
Train & Gain
Train & Gain

L&T-SuFin and Dun & Bradstreet entered into an exclusive partnership to jointly conduct Knowledge Sessions for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) across India. The focus is on supply chain and finance for MSMEs. On 24 August, the third session in the series was conducted in Hyderabad.

Mr Vipul Oberoi (Chief Marketing Officer – D&B India) gave an overview of the MSME sector and state of MSMEs in India. Mr Ashish Kaistha (Chief Category Officer – L&T-SuFin) made a presentation on how L&T-SuFin is creating efficiencies in supply chain through digitisation. Ms Sudeepta Veerapaneni (Partner – Deloitte) spoke on the application of supply chain digitisation by Indian MSMEs.

Representatives from over 35 MSMEs listened in rapt attention to the eminent speakers. The audience was appreciative of the session.


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