Aug 03
Toiling for Trees
Toiling for Trees
L&T’s Kancheepuram campus shows how conservation and development can walk hand-in-hand
Global warming and climate change endanger life on earth.  It is imperative to alleviate this situation by taking sustainable measures.
Playing a crucial role in mitigating the effects of global warming, trees absorb carbon dioxide, bringing down the temperature. Therefore, afforestation and reforestation are necessary to tackle global warming and climate change.
Earlier this year, L&T Valves decided to set up a new manufacturing line at its campus in Tamil Nadu’s Kancheepuram. However, the location selected for this was home to around 75 trees - including black plum, portia, java olive, copper pod, Spanish cherry, neem, Indian beech, coconut and areca palms.
Rather than axing the trees, L&T Valves decided to transplant them at other locations on the campus. It formed a team to collaborate with experts and map the individual shifting and handling requirement for each tree, based on their nature and complexity.
The team took up the challenge with great enthusiasm. The process commenced on 20 April with the trimming of tree branches to a third of their original size for ease of transplantation and to ensure stability afterwards. Next, the trees were carefully uprooted ensuring that the roots are intact.
The destination pits were dug large enough to accommodate the root ball. The pits were filled with layers of red soil, manure, coco peat and coir dust to provide the necessary nutrition.  After positioning the trees, the pits were filled with river sand, red soil and manure till the roots were fully packed. The entire transplantation process was completed on 28 April.
The success rate of tree-transplantation depends on various factors – including species, size, health and adaptability of the trees and environmental conditions. In about two months, 65% of the transplanted trees began sprouting. The team is now working hard to improve the survival rate.
This is a real-life example of how conservation and development can walk hand-in-hand towards the common goal of shaping a sustainable future.


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