Aug 03
Mascot for Moolah
Mascot for Moolah
Almost every day brings a new story about someone losing lakhs  through internet fraud. Rapid progress in technology and the  increased use of the internet are immensely helpful – but this has also led to an alarming increase in the number of cybercrimes.
To educate its customers and employees on cyber safety habits and alert them about the major frauds like phishing, vishing, UPI frauds, identity theft, skimming, etc., L&T Finance has recently unveiled a mascot – Sachet Kumar.
Sachet Kumar is that fictional friend who, through the campaign #JaankarBaniye SavdhaanRahiye, will educate people on fraud- related trends and motivate them to stay vigilant.
The mascot encourages people to practise secured financial transactions, promote digitally safe habits and share tips to mitigate digital and other fraud attempts. In addition, he helps to keep everyone informed about the modus operandi of the fraudsters, who are getting more and more innovative by the day.
According to the National Crime Reporting Bureau, the total number of cyber fraud cases in the country has increased by 84% in FY23 as compared to FY21.


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