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Saluting the Stars
Saluting the Stars
L&T’s Construction & Mining Machinery arm commends its dealers at annual gala
Instituted by L&T’s Construction & Mining Machinery business (CMB), Star Awards commend the customer focus of its dealers in terms of operational and service excellence. The awards are presented at a gala ceremony which follows CMB’s annual All India Dealer Conference.
The awards measure a dealer’s performance on both business and process parameters – such as man-machine ratio, mean time to respond and restore, machine-touch activities and first- pick rate. The competence of a dealers’ service engineers, as measured by an annual Skill Inventory Test (SIT), is also considered.
SIT is a rigorous evaluation process, involving practical and written tests to check the skillset of the service engineers. SIT alone is considered a prestigious competition, prompting the service engineers to brush up their knowledge and hone their skills to ensure excellent pre- sales and after-sales service to customers.
L&T’s rigorous scrutiny and evaluation makes the Star Awards a highly coveted honour, and every dealer aspires to be a ‘5 Star’ dealer. This year, the Dealers Conference and the Awards ceremony was hosted at Jodhpur in Rajasthan on 24 November.
L&T CEO & MD Mr SN Subrahmanyan presented the 5 Star Award – the highest in the category – to Mr A Ramasubramanian of GP Enterprises, which is based at Madurai in Tamil Nadu. The 3 Star, 4 Star and Performance Awards were presented by L&T Prayas Trust president Ms Meena Subrahmanyan, Komatsu India MD Mr Y Fujii, CMB Head & Sr VP Mr Arvind K Garg and L&T Sparsh Ladies Club president Ms Sandhya Garg.
Mr and Ms Subrahmanyan also jointly presented Mr D Vijayan of Aaycee Excon the Long Association Award for completing 20 years as an L&T dealer.
Appreciating the volume of business generated by the dealers, the L&T CEO & MD said that their presence in every nook and cranny of the country has fostered growth.
He commended the dealers for consistently offering best-in-class sales and after-sales services as well as readily-available spares to keep the machines up and running. Extolling their dedication in delivering exceptionally high machine uptime, Mr Subrahmanyan lauded their commitment to providing the much-required human touch to CMB’s operations.
In his address, Mr Garg underscored that this year’s conference theme ‘Together, We Win’ reflects the joint efforts of L&T, Komatsu and the dealer teams, making L&T the most respected entity in the construction & mining machinery sector.
“Thirty CMB dealers employ more than 1000 service engineers, looking after thousands of machines in the field, day in and day out, to keep them running. The dealers create value for customers, which, in turn, strengthens customer confidence in L&T and Komatsu,” he pointed out.

 5 Star 

G P Enterprises, Madurai

 4 Star 
A S Engineering Associates, Lucknow
Gajanan Motors, Jhansi
Abhinav Industrial Products, Jaipur/Kota
I Equip Corporation, Guwahati

 3 Star 
M S Engineers, Salem
Hiralal Industrial Technologies, Ranchi
AIMS Sales & Service, Ahmedabad
NKB Industrial Products, Bhubaneswar
SRL Earthmoving Solution, Durgapur
SRL Earthmoving Solution, Kolkata


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