Jul 20
Curbing Cybercrime
Curbing Cybercrime
OVER the past several years, cybercrime has hit new highs. As businesses become more technological and interconnected, cybercrime is only set to rise.
At the heart of it, people are the weakest link in digital. It is, therefore, crucial for organisations to raise awareness among staff members to protect them from hackers.
To help curtail the effects of cybercrime, L&T’s Corporate IT department hosted a mega cyber security awareness event at the conglomerate’s Knowledge City campus at Vadodara in Gujarat on 20 May. L&T CEO & MD Mr S N Subrahmanyan and Whole-time Director & Sr EVP – Energy Mr Subramanian Sarma inaugurated the event in the presence of Mr Satish Palekar (EVP & Head – L&T Power) and other dignitaries.
Speaking on the importance of cyber security in professional and personal life, Mr Subrahmanyan gave examples of some latest cybercrimes. “The moment you are connected to the network, you are compromised but don’t realise it. Somebody out there is always interested in our data. So, we must be always vigilant,” he said.
Mr Sarma explained how an individual’s negligence can cause a huge disruption to an organisation. He shared a few cyber-friendly tips.
The event defined and elaborated upon enterprise security concepts and acted as a platform for knowledge-sharing. Its gamification component attracted the audience and they participated enthusiastically, winning exciting prizes.


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