Jul 20
Shades of Green
Shades of Green
GLOBAL warming is real, and all living things are facing this dire threat. A clarion call has been sounded to alert everyone everywhere of the necessity to combat climate change – before it’s too late.
The team at L&T’s globally benchmarked A M Naik Heavy Engineering Complex (AMNHEC) at Hazira in Gujarat marked the World Environment Day with a slew of initiatives to green the campus.
A mass afforestation drive saw 400+ staffers plant over 750 native trees – banyan, Indian lilac (neem), sacred fig (peepal), and cluster fig (udumbar) – across a 4,000 sq metre parcel of unutilised land. The tree species were selected for their high oxygen-generation capacity.
There was another initiative. To nurture the many and varied species of beautiful birds that flock to the campus, 250 birdhouses, food feeders and water sippers were installed across AMNHEC.
The management has plans to create an urban forest within AMNHEC by increasing the afforested area in phases. On the cards are tree transplantation and a new recharging pond, which will support the ecosystem.
The reach of welfare activities under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can be widened by training fresh hands. And who can impart such training better than the ones who have developed expertise in CSR initiatives.
Holding this view, the Vadodara-based CSR team of L&T Energy – Hydrocarbon (LTEH) on 30 April conducted a session on best CSR practices for the students of ‘Certificate Course in CSR’ at the Faculty of Social Work at M S University of Baroda. This was on invitation by the university.
The session was attended by over 100 people that included students, research scholars and CSR practitioners. The LTEH team, comprising Ms Digantika Ghosh and Mr Kaushal Parmar, shared insights on the impactful CSR initiatives that they have designed and implemented both in urban and rural areas.
Prior to this, on 27 April, the team demonstrated their Paida Ni Pathshala (school on wheels) project at the varsity campus.
The best practices session and the demonstration helped the students and research scholars gain practical understanding of the CSR spectrum. This will, hopefully, help touch and transform the lives of many more underprivileged people.


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