Jul 20
Dependable Doer
Dependable Doer
WAY back in 1997, L&T had supplied 11 high-pressure heat exchangers to the Numaligarh Refinery Limited (NRL) in Assam. In 2010, during an unplanned shutdown, one needed to be replaced on account of emissions issues, so NRL procured it from another supplier on price grounds.
However, the new exchanger brought with it frequent maintenance issues. The vendor did not undertake on-site repairs, and the queries from NRL were met with unsatisfactory responses. This led to repeated production losses.
NRL, therefore, decided to replace this problematic heat exchanger. L&T sent NRL a budgetary quote and specifications of technical requirements – all geared to ensure flawless operation. Learning from experience, NRL categorically specified that the vendor should have proficiency in on-site maintenance services.
Apart from L&T Heavy Engineering’s past track record of supplying more than 350 high-pressure heat exchangers, its Modification, Revamp & Upgrade (MRU) wing has experience of overhauling more than 100 HP exchangers, globally.
L&T won the order in an open competitive tender process. The contract was awarded to L&T at a challenging time – the middle of the horrendous second wave of COVID-19.
The diligent efforts of L&T Heavy Engineering’s Heat Transfer Equipment project team led to the successful execution of the order. This achievement, in the face of the challenging pandemic conditions, demonstrates L&T’s technical competency and capability of seamless execution.
L&T not only completed the contract but walked the extra mile and delivered the equipment this June – two months ahead of the contractual delivery date. This exceptional achievement was result of doubling the speed at automated workstations, IoT, setting up of a digital factory and ensuring first time right.
“We place on record with immense satisfaction that L&T has successfully achieved completion ahead of project schedule, with uncompromised safety and quality requirements despite the challenges faced during COVID-19 outbreak,” an elated NRL wrote in appreciation. Does anyone need any further testimony to L&T’s customer-centricity?


Wonderful achievement. Very...

Wonderful achievement. Very nice to see the Team's efficient efforts.
 on 7/22/2022 8:56 AM