Jul 20
Detect & Defeat
Detect & Defeat
IN the dead of night, a suspicious dot moved, undetected in the dark sky, rapidly approaching one of India’s high-sensitive security nerve centres. It quickly zoomed past multiple detection sensors, getting dangerously close to its target. But, unknown to it, when this enemy aircraft reached 30 km from its target, its presence was detected by an Active Electronically Scanned Array search radar.
As the aircraft neared its target, a track radar locked on to it with pinpoint accuracy. And, as it moved within the striking distance of three km, a rapid-fire 40mm gun, loaded with ‘smart’ ammunition, opened fire. In seconds, the enemy aircraft was destroyed!
But the dot wasn’t flying solo. It was accompanied by another – flying strategically close, to avoid detection. No problem for the search radar as it had already detected this second enemy plane as well. The rest was routine. The search radar pointed the target location to the track radar, and the track radar, in turn, to the gun, and the second plane too was brought down in no time.
Meet Sudarshan, a close-in weapon system, which provides the final protective shield for any vital installation. Indigenously developed, this state-of-the-art system of systems is designed to protect critical assets – such as air bases, military stations, and power plants – from aerial threat.
A combination of search radar, fire control radar and anti-aircraft guns, Sudarshan can detect any type of aerial threat within a 30-km radius. Equipped with radars and electro-optic tracking system, each Sudarshan foray can provide 360-degree area protection in all weather conditions. Its command-&-control module automatically evaluates a threat and assigns the target to an appropriate weapon system.
Sudarshan’s automatic Threat Evaluation and Weapon Allocation software (TEWA) can identify, classify, and prioritise different aerial threats, then allocate suitable weapon systems to eliminate each one of them. TEWA assists the flight commander in simultaneously tackling multiple targets. Sudarshan can interface with other air defence assets, such as long-range surveillance radars and Very Short-Range Air Defence systems.
It has been designed and engineered by L&T Defence’s technology experts from guns, ammunition, radar and communication domains. L&T Defence produced it in just two years after the bid submission. It’s an excellent example of well-coordinated teamwork from a cross functional Defence team.
Sudarshan cleared stringent user trials conducted by the Indian Air Force under grueling hot desert conditions in Rajasthan in May and September 2021, with temperatures hovering around 47-degree Celsius. The proof-of-performance testing included tracking of high-speed targets, hitting high-speed targets, parachute dropped drums – and all of this under both day and night conditions.
Having passed the user trials with flying colours, Sudarshan is now all poised to cater to the security needs of the nation.


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