Apr 19
Record Run
Record Run
AN engine of an enormous Dump Truck, with power that’s almost 1.5 times that of the fastest Ferrari, running for more than 64,000 hours is a rare feat! The fact that, during this period, it has hauled 11 million tonnes of ore and overburden – almost the weight of 1,100 Eiffel Towers – is, once again, an accomplishment that has few parallels.
Then, a Wheel Loader moving overburden and ore for over 50,000 hours, and a Hydraulic Excavator unearthing mineral resources for over 45,000 hours, are also enviable feats that L&T Construction & Mining Machinery vertical has helped its customers achieve with the Komatsu machinery it markets in India.
The Dump Truck (Komatsu HD 785) and the Wheel Loader (Komatsu WA900) are running at iron ore mines operated by Tata Steel. The Hydraulic Excavator (Komatsu PC1250) is a workhorse that has been mining limestone for ACC Limited since 2009.
In fact, ten Komatsu Dump Trucks at Tata Steel’s Noamundi mines in Jharkhand have been running for around 60,000 hours each. Together, they have carried close to 100 million tonnes of ore and overburden over the last ten years.
These feats affirm the world-class quality and reliability of Komatsu machines as well as L&T’s capability of ensuring their efficient and safe lifespans. Continuous monitoring and on-time maintenance by L&T engineers have kept these behemoths running with high uptime for years together and, in the process, achieve milestones that aren’t easily matched.
These mega machines continue to remain operational at their respective project sites, clocking up even more hours of efficient operation. The longer they run, the harder it will be to copy their amazing feats.
Today, some 2,500 mining machines, supplied and maintained by L&T, operate seamlessly across coal, limestone, iron ore, bauxite and other mineral sectors. They ensure that the country’s supply of critical minerals continues unabated.
These machines operate for the likes of Tata Steel, Shree Cement, Holcim, Ultra Tech, Coal India and NMDC. Large contracting companies like VPR Mining, Sushee Hitech, GRN Construction, Durga Infrastructure Mining and the Mahalakshmi Group also own large mining equipment fleets and vouch for the quality, reliability and durability of Komatsu machines.
In fact, at L&T, customer-centricity is the credo, and engineers often walk the extra mile to deliver customer delight. Putting the customer first has enabled L&T to achieve new benchmarks in service delivery. L&T engineers believe that ‘In Service Lies Success’, retaining customers for generations.
To live up to its motto, L&T has adopted large- scale digitalisation. Tools for optimising operation and reducing costly fossil fuel consumption and peripheral costs ensure owners get the best value from their fleet.
Many of these machines are deployed at far- flung locations, which severely impeded reach and communication. Yet, L&T’s product support ensures that these state-of-the-art machines get the best service support.
Easy and speedy availability of spares help keep the machines up and running. The seamless logistics  of  spare  parts delivery to every remote corner of the country, despite gruelling challenges, is a hallmark of L&T, made possible with the adoption of advanced supply chain and inventory management technologies.
Full Maintenance Contracts (FMCs) backed by unmatched expertise gained from decades of experience in numerous sectors and project locations are L&T’s forte. Amidst the pandemic, as many as fifty FMC sites were fully operational – ample testimony to team L&T’s unwavering commitment and exemplary dedication – which makes the decisive difference!


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