Apr 13
Remote Rejuvenation
Remote Rejuvenation
PICTURE this: a Komatsu Wheel Loader WA480, a heavy mining machine, is loading huge piles of ore onto a haul truck at a remote mine in Odisha. At the same time, several hundred kilometres away, from the comfort of her home and on her mobile, the machine’s owner monitors its operation, productivity, maintenance, fuel consumption and the volume of greenhouse gas emitted – all in real-time!
L&T’s Construction & Mining Machinery vertical and its partner Komatsu have made this possible for their customers, bringing in unmatched efficiency in equipment operation and minimising its carbon footprint.
Komtrax, a revolutionary technology developed by Komatsu to monitor machine performance and health, uses GPS and GPRS to communicate with a central server. It is equipped with multiple sensors. The data from each machine is analysed real-time, providing customers deep insights on machine performance, maintenance and health – all at the click of a button.
Engineers at L&T use the energy-savings reports generated by Komtrax to analyse working conditions, machine utilisation and the scope for necessary improvement in operations.
Based on the usage data, L&T’s service engineers then engage with operators to understand the operating conditions of these machines. Next, through training and upskilling of operators and customers’ maintenance teams, they facilitate better machine utilisation and reduction in fuel consumption for any application.
Additionally, Equip-Care – L&T’s proactive after- sales support programme – seamlessly connects with the Komtrax-enabled machines to provide best-in- class support experience. Equip-Care continuously draws information from Komtrax on machine utilisation, cautions and alerts to schedule services well in time.
L&T offers unmatched after-sales support with its nationwide network of engineers, service stations, dealerships and close-to-customer outlets. After-sales support, aided by Komtrax and Equip- Care, has increased customer satisfaction many times over, and is recognised as one of the best in the world by Komatsu.
Komatsu and L&T have also extended the Power Train Warranty Programme from four years/10,000 hours to five years/12,500 hours on their flagship models – PC210/PC210LC-10M0. This is the longest warranty programme provided by Komatsu globally for construction equipment.


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