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Combating COVID
Combating COVID
AS part of Maharashtra’s Pimpri-Chinchwad Smart City Project, L&T supplied smart kiosks at all the eight zones as well as hospitals falling within the ambit of the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC). These kiosks are proving to be of tremendous help to the public for e-governance applications.
As the COVID-19 pandemic swooped in and vaccines were developed, the Central and state governments decided to provide free vaccination to all citizens. PCMC, therefore, established vaccination centres all across the city.
At the suggestion of the L&T team, the e-kiosks were made available for those who lack smart phones to register for vaccination. With the help of the PCMC’s IT team, COVID-19 app/software were developed for the kiosks. Now, the citizens of Pimpri-Chinchwad can book their vaccination appointment in a simple manner and obtain a printed token with the date, time, venue and type of vaccine.
This token system has reduced the direct walk-in rush at the vaccination centers and thereby minimised the chances of COVID spread. This solution is widely appreciated by the citizens, local politicians and the PCMC as it has minimised the confusion regarding registration for vaccination.
When India began the world’s largest COVID-19 vaccination drive in January 2021, the Central government urged all frontline workers followed by citizens above 45 years to get inoculated. Many L&T campuses around the country organised vaccination drives for staffers, their families, and even the general public, in some cases.
For   instance,   L&T’s   Coimbatore Campus started focusing on vaccinating all its employees as soon as the vaccines were rolled out, despite the hesitancy of the general public to venture out for the shot. Through its deep association with the district health administration, it began driving COVID vaccination for L&T’s employees and their families. Around 200 employees were inoculated in the local Primary Health Centre till April 2021.
Subsequently, on campus vaccination drives were conducted in May and August, resulting in the double vaccination of 94% campus staffers.
The second wave spurred even more people to queue up for inoculation. Free vaccination service was started in September 2021 at the L&T Community Health Centre – an ‘Aarogya’ healthcare initiative of L&T Public Charitable Trust. Around 7000 doses have been administrated up to 15 December.
The vaccinated include the general public, L&T employees and their families, L&T’s vendors, and staffers from the neighboring industrial companies. The Health Centre has also conducted five ‘Mega Vaccination Camps’ in four tribal village– Chinnampathi, Puduppathi, Mruganpathi and Ayyampathi in Coimbatore through its mobile medical unit.



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