Feb 12
Decking Up the Dock
Decking Up the Dock
THE PORTS & Harbours arm of L&T’s Heavy Civil Infrastructure, which is executing India’s biggest dry dock project for the Cochin Shipyard Limited, has achieved a major milestone with the installation of India’s longest sheet piles by marine mode. This is to facilitate the construction of a cofferdam for the project.
Sheet piles ensure safe construction of the dry dock floor and pump house 17m below the surface level. It isolates the work area from the surrounding water-body and facilitates creation of a dry work area by dewatering for dock construction activities.
The Ports & Harbours arm constructed 330m-long cofferdam using sheet piles and earthen berm. Considering the weak soil strata on the seabed, 42m-long sheet piles were installed to ensure sufficient embedment in good soil. The installation of these sheet piles was completed by end-November 2020 and dewatering commenced on 18 December.
To install such long sheet piles in soft clayey and marine conditions, it was essential to maintain horizontal and vertical alignments with full length interlocking.  Therefore, a robust sheet pile installation system was required. L&T’s Engineering Design & Research Centre developed in-house a special modular guide frame template system for this. The in-built adjustment system of the modular template, both longitudinal and lateral, allowed the installation tolerances of template supporting liners in marine mode and, in turn, provided support to the template.
Lightweight, easy to assemble, handle and position, this modular template sped up the pace of installation of the Hat-H sheet piles.  In the subsequent phase, the earthen berm will be constructed and the ground improved, which will be executed from land.


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