May 17
Gift for Bihar
Gift for Bihar

Madhepura in Bihar has got a state-of-the-art health facility christened the Jannayak Karpuri Thakur Medical College & Hospital. At the behest of the state government, it has been constructed by Larsen & Toubro.

The new medical college is spread over a sprawling 25 acres campus and has a built-up area of 1.42 million Sqft. It has 3-star GRIHA project rating. The 500-bed hospital is one of the biggest hospitals in eastern India and will offer tertiary health care to the people of Madhepura and adjoining districts.

Bihar Chief Minister Mr Nitish Kumar inaugurated the hospital on 7 March in the presence of several of his Cabinet colleagues, senior government officials and a 6,000-plus strong audience.

L&T was represented by Mr Niranjan Simha, EVP and Head - Commercial Building & Airports, Mr V Sukumar Hebbar, VP & Head - Health & IT Office Space), Mr Ajoy Bhattacharyya, VP & Head - Operations East, Mr M Arunagiri, Cluster Project Manager, Jharkhand, and Mr Subhasish Dutta, Project Manager, GMCH Madhepura.


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