Jan 31
A Surreal Experience
A Surreal Experience
We are team ‘Inquisitive Innovators’ from Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Delhi. The three of us embarked on the journey to OutThink 2019 by undertaking extensive secondary research so to predict trends and analyse future opportunities for smart city projects.  
We went through several research papers, newspaper reports and articles, and analysed crucial statistics. It was amazing to discover the amount of work that has been accomplished both at the national and international level as regards smart cities.
Each of us took our core strength to the table. While Sourav put to use his knowledge as an electrical engineer and experience as a consultant, Ashwini Kumar refined the ideas by providing constant critique and thus, making our concept foolproof. Nivedita was instrumental in perking up the presentation and ensured that the ideas flew cohesively.
During the exercise, the three of us had quite a few brainstorming sessions on the topic. We were constantly instigated by thought-provoking queries that L&T had provided in the case study. On being selected as one of the finalists, we gave our best in shaping our ideas in a well-knit structure so to stand out from the crowd.
As we touched down in Mumbai for the D-Day, L&T left no stone unturned in providing us a comfortable stay. They also organised interactions with industry leaders working on smart city projects.
And much to our delight, we clinched the title as the national winners of OutThink 2019. It was really a surreal experience! We would like to thank L&T for providing us an enriching learning opportunity such as this.


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