Jan 31
Focused on Precision
Focused on Precision
The journey to L&T OutThink was really exhilarating! The setup and esteem panel present at the Finale added immense value to the overall experience.
The organising team was extremely accommodative in allowing only one of us to be present physically at the Finale while the other two members joined on video call as they had exams that day. One of the biggest learnings for us from the Finale is the realisation that we could’ve focused more on precise recommendations and should have brainstormed more on the basic questions.
The Finale was throughout interactive by way of leadership talks and small quizzes and this was great! OutThink 2019 was also unique in terms of case statements that were very detailed. Through all the three rounds, the problem statements pointed at the level of commitment required for making a presentation on a platform like OutThink.


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