Jan 31
Boost to Capability
Boost to Capability
It was an exhilarating experience to be in the Grand Finale of one of the most coveted corporate competitions, L&T OutThink 2019. The journey was genuinely mesmerising, where we all came together from different backgrounds to put on our thinking hats and come up with innovative ideas for smart city projects.
Learning about smart city planning, upcoming technologies and in turn, the efficiency that they generate for the citizens helped us in shaping our approach.
One fantastic thing about the 2nd Round was the case related to traffic congestion, and no place could have been more apt than Shillong to feel the importance of this for a city. Shillong is the city where the roads remain overcrowded, and yet the traffic is handled well in this hill station dotted with numerous educational institutes.
We, as a team, believe that no idea and strategy is complete unless it is feasible and sustainable in the long run for all the stakeholders ~ both the implementation agency and the users ~ and this helped us to tread beyond our capabilities to look for a simple yet sustainable solutions for smart cities.


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