Jan 31
A Lifetime Experience
A Lifetime Experience
To us, the case study for OutThink 2019 ~smart city project ~ was like exploring a new zone amidst the usual curriculum of management studies.The aspects encompassed through all the three rounds of this annual competition gave us a new horizon for a holistic approach while evaluating large infrastructure projects.
The final round was an absolute wildcard entry in the thinking process. While all the tasks carried out in Round 1 and 2 was about evaluating the past events, such as, Ardh-Kumbh and data on road accident fatalities; the final round was about exploring innovation and improvement for future mega congregations like Kumbh.
The experience at the Finale was absolutely mind blowing! Firstly, we were overwhelmed by the warmth extended to all the finalists for the three days as regards travel, accommodation and food.
During the presentations at the Finale, we got a hands-on lesson of evaluating a project of such magnitude as the Kumbh. In academia, the focus is on innovative thinking and frameworks but here, the corporate leaders gave us the much-needed insight that feasibility in terms of applicability, cost and returns is much more important. In all, participation in OutThink was once-in-a-lifetime experience for us!


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