Jan 31
Truly Triumphant
Truly Triumphant
Participation in L&T OutThink Case Study Challenge 2019 came as a reassurance that we are on the right track!  Making it to the Finale in a competition of this magnitude was an emotionally overwhelming experience.
The fact that we were competing with some of the sharpest minds from India’s B-Schools made us feel like we were the winners already! A truly triumphant feeling! OutThink is a unique competition in the sense that it tests the participants on fundamental understanding of core infrastructure and financial principles. We scanned through several research papers, spoke to many stakeholders and noted their opinions and suggestions. It was a real joy to interact with such brilliant minds.
As regards the team, we gave ourselves enough space so that an individual gets to focus on his core area of interest and expertise. We maintained a balance between team spirit and the level of competitiveness at all points in time. There were conflicts on time management but those were resolved expeditiously.
The key learning from the competition was the importance of research, especially when you are dealing with a highly technical subject, and how to present an idea attractively.


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