Oct 29
PT&D’s Substation BU Engineers Passageway for 8 Hulking Transformers
PT&D’s Substation BU Engineers Passageway for 8 Hulking Transformers
PT&D’s Substation BU at GIS Lahal Project engineered a safe passage way for the movement of 8 overweight consignment of 63.5MVA-3Ph, 220KV/33KV transformers having self-weight of 82MT & Gross vehicle weight of 147MT (including launching arrangement) over a 32 year old double cantilever Kharamukh Bridge (IRC-6 class 40R) with a load bearing capacity of 42 MT and a span of 85mtr within 16 days by using an innovative method developed by L&T’s in-house Special Projects & Construction Methods department.
This critical movement is executed for the first time in this region at an MSL of 1450m. The process involved splitting the load by using specially designed 30m span girder with special steel to limit the overall system weight to suit the bridge.
To align with the bridge capacity while crossing the tip of the cantilever bridge, two level movement of the transformer was arranged by using a wheeled trolley for the upper level movement and multi axle trailers were deployed for the lower level movement. The Puller of the trailer was removed to reduce the loading weight on the bridge and the trailer was pulled using electric winch anchored to the hill on the exit side of the bridge. The top-level wheeled trolleys were pulled using mono strand jacks which were remote controlled.
This transfer of overweight transformers was achieved despite many challenges like heavy rain, single connecting roads (can work over night only with total road shutdown), sharp cuts, etc. the bridge was under shutdown for vehicular movement with prior permission from the administration.


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