Oct 30
SW&C BU Recognised at CYPHER 2019
SW&C BU Recognised at CYPHER 2019
L&T Construction’s Smart World & Communication business has received an award for developing and implementing the Best Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning solutions for Prayagraj Smart City project at the third iteration of Data Science Excellence Awards at CYPHER 2019.
Mr. Venkatsubramanian Ramakrishnan, Head - Cyber Security (SW&C) received the award on the night of September 19, 2019, at a gala event held at Radisson Blu in Bengaluru.  The project went through a critical evaluation process and was selected by the advisory council members of Great Learning and Analytics India magazine.
As part of the project L&T-SW&C was entrusted with the mandate of managing the world’s largest religious congregation, the Kumbh Mela. The overall deployment covered 22 crowd cameras at 5 major ghat areas of Sangam Nose, Arail Ghat, Ganga Prasar, Dashwamedh, and Nagvasuki Ghat to report instantaneous and hourly average crowd density (Person per Sq. Mtr.) and 19 crowd cameras at 13 key locations in the city to report hourly flow of people entry to the Kumbh Snan ghats. Adopting emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, L&T developed a first-of-its-kind crowd management system that proactively interpreted crowd dynamics and provided timely alerts on the people density at any specific time and support city administrators and police for faster and efficient decision making in dire situations.
The tensor flow environment was chosen for deployment. Program codes were written for threaded execution of Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) for different cameras followed by image extraction and prediction. The resultant output was encoded in JSON format and passed by the dispatched over HTTP & XML and integrated to the Cisco Kinetics platform for reporting. The crowd analytics application was integrated with centralized dashboard platform to display the alerts in geographical maps enabling hourly, daily, monthly report generation for predictive analysis.


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