Aug 08
PT&D’s Muzaffarpur Project Team Lights Up 370+ Localities
PT&D’s Muzaffarpur Project Team Lights Up 370+ Localities

PT&D’s RGGVY Project team at Muzaffarpur, Bihar, achieved a significant milestone by bringing light to over 370 habitations in the short span of two months. This commendable feat is in line with the nation’s mission of providing electricity to all villages and fulfils the commitment given to the Chief Minister of Bihar.

As a large scale rural electrification project, team PT&D mitigated unique on-field challenges across remote locales through excellent team work among the cluster sites, HQ and Supply Chain Management (SCM) teams thereby achieving the project milestones. To begin with, other projects under the Bihar Cluster spared their materials to commence works till supply of resources were regularized. Further, HQ and SCM teams ensured that the materials were arranged, ordered and delivered at site within the shortest possible time. With resources at hand, execution was a grueling schedule as the team worked almost 15 to 18 hours a day to achieve the stiff targets of erecting 16699 8m PSC poles, energizing 254  63/100KVA DTR, installation of 438 km LT line with 1Ph and 3Ph AB cable and other associated works across 170 km within 8 Distribution Franchise Blocks in Muzaffarpur District.


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